Archives: Family Trees

The museum holds a variety of information on individuals and families who were closely associated with the needle and fishing tackle trades in Redditch and the surrounding area.  Information available includes family trees and associated ephemera.

Allcock, Samuel

Allcock, Samuel

We have various family trees and research into the company. photos/glass slides/portrait/ collection of company trade catalogues from 1866 to 1960s showing products. We display two large exhibition trade cases.c.1900. Archive of business correspondence from 1870 to 1910.

Avery, William

Avery, William

Extensive research by Terry Meinke and also Avery needle cases on display.

Badson, John

Family tree, will and baptisms 1738 to 1850.

Bartleet, William

Bartleet, William

Family tree, obituary, photos, Company products on display and fishing tackle catalogues 1906/07 and 1914. Also display exhibition trade case 1888.

Baylis's of Redditch

Family tree – extensive From 1780 to 1880.

Boulton, William

Family trees (Feckenham) extensive 1679 to 1903.

Chambers, George

Booklet by R G Chambers and family history and family trees.

English, John

Family information, company products on display, also company information and small archive.

Field, Frederick

Small family tree from 1852 onwards, and photo.

Freemans, William

Located in Feckenham, small family tree 1700 to 1860.

Grudgings, JT&C

Small amount of information re needlemaking in Loughborough 1872.

Harris, James

Originally from Long Crendon, family tree from 1650 to 1938.

Heath, William

Family tree 1834 to 1995.

Hemming, Richard

Hemming, Richard

Extensive family trees with photos, products on display, business correspondence/letters archive from 1790 to 1830.

Hill, Joseph

Associated with Forge Mill and the Hemming family, an extensive family tree 1816 to 1964.

Hinton, Nicholas

Extensive family tree 1669 to 1861.

Hollington, R

Census work 1841 to 1881, and photo.

James, John

Small family tree (c.1861), extensive collection of products on display.

Laughter, William

Small family tree (derived from census).

Lely, Afifi

Information on Afifi the engineer (Redditch Indicator article 1921).  Product on display.

Lewis, Walter

Obituary.  For further information, see Terry Meinke book vol 2.

Millward, Henry

Millward, Henry

Extensive family trees/family history.  Major archive, many products on display, large exhibition display cases.

Morrall, Abel

Morrall, Abel

Extensive family trees, major archive, catalogues and products on display.

Morris, Joseph

Extensive family trees and family history from 1795 and products relating to Morris and Yeoman on display.

Pinfield-Wells, Walter

Small amount of census work.

Roberts, J

Small family tree from census work.

Sealey, Edgar

Sealey, Edgar

Small amount of census work, products on display.  Also catalogues and photos of factory.

Shilton, Edmund

Family tree and a small amount of information about the family c. 1840.

Shrimpton Families

Extensive family trees and information on family history.  Products on display, photos.  Also, see folder on Long Crendon.

Smallwood, William

Extensive family tree by JD Smallwood, also booklet on Smallwood Hospital by T Bough.

Smith, Jason

See Terry Meinke book, also family tree and extensive products, plus display cases.

Spencer, Charles

Brief history of the company also products and catalogues.

Townsend, George

Family history, also see Royal Enfield folder.

Walton, William

Small family tree 1792 to 1849.

Wharrad, Lionel

Family tree/family history and information and photos.  See also British Needle archive.

Woodfield, William

Family history, catalogues/photos, products.  See also T Meinke book/website.

If you wish to access the archives or obtain copies of documents, then please email the museum, addressing your enquiry to Jo-Ann Gloger, Keeper of Collections. Please note that there may be a small charge for photocopying.

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