Forge Mill Needle Museum, Bordesley Abbey Visitor Centre, Redditch, Worcestershire

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Forge Mill Needle Museum, Bordesley Abbey Visitor Centre
Sat 23 July to Sun 4 September 2016

This is a visually stunning exhibition of props and costumes that have been used in epic historical blockbuster movies.

The exhibition includes a selection of warrior costumes and armour, and ‘screen used’ props from some of the biggest ‘sword and sandal’ epics of recent years, including Troy, Hercules, Alexander, Centurion, The Eagle, King Arthur, and the hit TV series Spartacus.

Highlights include the Oscar winning costumes from the multi award winning Gladiator (2000) displayed with the interior hangings from General Maximus’ campaign tent. There is the full suit of Sarmatian armour used in the climactic battle scenes of King Arthur (2004) – created by the legendary screen armourer Terry English, who worked on Excalibur and Aliens. Visitors will also be able to see the armour and costume of Spartacus as worn by Liam Mcintyre from the Starz series Spartacus Vengeance (2012).

This exhibition also offers a range of interactive replica handling armour and movie props so visitors can experience what it would have been like to wear the armour and handle weapons from the ancient world.

Way of the Warrior Exhibition
Fri 9 September to Sun 23 October 2016

This vibrant exhibition comprises work from some of Britain’s most well-known and respected textile artists: Louise Baldwin, Pauline Barns, Hilary Beattie, Ineke Berlyn, Cas Holmes, Rosie James, Edwina MacKinnon, Sandra Meech, Stephanie Redfern, Christine Restall and Jenny Rolfe.

The group between them cover a wide range of textile art interpretation methods and styles. Each member has considered what ‘concealed’ means to them, from physical concealment to hidden histories, hidden kingdoms, cities, civilisations, veiled faces, expressions and views.

Much of life is about what we conceal and what we choose to reveal - very little is as straightforward as it seems.

Concealed Exhibition
Wed 26 October to Sun 27 November 2016

It is hard to believe, when crossing modern Redditch, that until well into the 20th Century it was a small industrial town surrounded by farmland, populated by many small farms.

In this fascinating exhibition, The Redditch Local History Society using maps, photographs and images, illustrate this forgotten landscape and show that the present day Redditch still retains evidence of this earlier history.

Redditch Farming History Exhibition

In addition to the permanent exhibits at the Forge Mill Needle Museum and Bordesley Abbey Visitor Centre, we also have a wide variety of interesting and exciting exhibitions throughout the year.

The exhibitions are housed on the middle floor of the Mill building.

There is no additional charge to enter the exhibitions, since the cost is included in our normal admission rates.