Forge Mill Needle Museum, Bordesley Abbey Visitor Centre, Redditch, Worcestershire

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Forge Mill Needle Museum, Bordesley Abbey Visitor Centre
Thu 5 March to Sun 12 April 2015

Lee Bradley is one of the top comic book artists in this country. He has worked on many of the iconic superheroes and characters of our generation like Spider-Man, Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Wars, and Mars Attack.

Lee has also worked on the Middle Eastern comic book 'The 99' and a variety of the classic Marvel properties such as Retro Marvel, Marvel's Greatest Battles, Women of Marvel and this year's forthcoming Avengers 'Age of Ultron' card series.

His work is influenced by the classic Marvel and DC artwork from his childhood, fused with a love for the characters and creations from popular 80s and 90s TV and film.

This is a great chance to see Lee's powerful and vibrant work close up. Also an opportunity to buy some of Lee's original artwork. Lee is a Lucasfilm Accredited Artist.

This exhibition is in association with The Birmingham Comics Festival (external link). Lee has also set up a Facebook Page (external link) for this exhibition.

Visit Lee Bradley's website (external link).

Retro Marvel Now: The Art of Lee Bradley Exhibition
Wed 15 April to Wed 29 April 2015

Wonderful and inspiring work from St. Bede's Catholic Middle School, showcasing their artistic talents using a variety of medium and also two and three dimensional work.

Textile Art Exhibition
Sat 2 May to Tue 2 June 2015

An inspiring exhibition from The 98 Lace Group, a fellowship of lace makers who are united by a common goal - giving lace a modern, livelier public profile.

The exhibition theme is 'gateway' and the group members have interpreted this in a variety of ways – from the spiritual influence of the landscape to the physical deep earth mineral riches we discover, or how the Gateway is a portal to the mind and how we negotiate life's rocky path.

These pioneering British lace artists, who also include overseas lace makers amongst their number, use traditional techniques but with an unusual modern sensibility, also drawing on other textile approaches such as felting and embroidery to give this delicate and diaphanous medium an ever stronger voice which is gaining headway internationally.

Visit The 98 Lace Group's website (external link).

Gateway Lace Exhibition
Sat 6 June to Sun 12 July 2015

'Decorative Quilts from the Victorian era to today'

An exhibition showcasing a rare and beautiful collection of quilts dating from the Victorian period to the modern day. The quilts are English and American and show fabrics from everyday cottons to luxury velvet and silks.

Each quilt has its own unique story to share, and has been painstakingly collected, researched and restored by Jane and Peterson Cobbett.

Crazy About Quilts Exhibition
Sat 18 July to Sun 6 September 2015

Have a real encounter with all your favourite Hollywood blockbuster sci–fi aliens!

See how scary Ridley Scott's original Alien creature and the Alien Queen are close up... as well as others from the Alien franchise.

Meet the iconic life size characters from Star Wars: Chewbacca, Yoda and not forgetting the Dark Lord, himself, Darth Vader.

You will also see movie props from the Chronicles of Riddick and Star Trek with costumes from the Planet of the Apes, Stargate Atlantis, Thunderbirds and many more.

This is a great exhibition for all the family as well as all film fans.

Alien Invasion Exhibition
Thu 10 September to Sun 25 October 2015

This is a quilt exhibition by two of the country's leading exponents of textile art - Hillary Beattie and Jenny Rolf.

Both artists have an abiding passion for the natural world, together with a keen interest in the use of pattern, form and composition in the decorative arts through history.

In this exhibition they celebrate the diversity and beauty of nature in some of its many forms.

Shape of Nature Exhibition
Thu 29 October to Sun 22 November 2015

Redditch is a town which, despite its size, has always punched above its weight. From the Arts to Archaeology, from Music to Manufacturing, from the 18th to the 21st Century, Redditch people are at the forefront.

In this exhibition the Redditch Local History Society show the impact of people in the town on activities which have stimulated the local community and those who have promoted the town both nationally and internationally.

Below: Samuel Allcock – fishing tackle manufacturer, Edwin Smallwood - needle manufacturer and local benefactor, Gillian Knight - Opera Singer and John Bonham - Led Zeppelin Rock Legend.

Famous Redditch People Exhibition

In addition to the permanent exhibits at the Forge Mill Needle Museum and Bordesley Abbey Visitor Centre, we also have a wide variety of interesting and exciting exhibitions throughout the year.

The exhibitions are housed on the middle floor of the Mill building.

There is no additional charge to enter the exhibitions, since the cost is included in our normal admission rates.